New! Body Confident Bootcamp

GAME CHANGER!!! What if you stopped buying the lie that you’re broken? What if you took your power back and invested NOT in a number on a scale but true FREEDOM? Freedom from frozen food, points systems, B12 shots, surgeries, the scale, body shaming, guilt, fear of intimacy, fear of someone seeing you naked, fear of sex, and fear of your BODY! What if the list of things holding us back from loving and being our Authentic Selves ceased to exist? How much money, how much time a day, would you invest in that FREEDOM?

Game Changer! Zandra Lee

My name is Cassandra Wycko, aka Zandra Lee. I am the owner and creator of TML Turn Me Loose Fitness, and I can show you how I broke free from the lies I was telling myself daily for my entire life!

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